Alice Kaushik And Kanwar Dhillon Relationship

Alice Kaushik And Kanwar Dhillon Relationship
Alice Kaushik And Kanwar Dhillon Relationship

Alice Kaushik And Kanwar Dhillon Relationship

Alice Kaushik And Kanwar Dhillon Relationship – In the television series Pandya Store, Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik, who plays Shiva and Raavi, have finally talked about their love. Kanwar and Alice discuss how their on-screen romance became genuine in an exclusive interview with BT. Excerpts:

For the two of you, was it gradual or love at first sight?

Kanwar: We first connected on the Pandya Store set. In March 2021, Alice arrived for her mock shoot, and we quickly got to work.

She explained that she had a different name because her mother loved to watch Alice in Wonderland when I asked how she got it. So I made a joke about how my mum didn’t name me Scooby Dhillon or the Flintstones since she never watched those programs. The ice was broken there!

Alice: I was the final girl to take part in the dummy shoot with him. I believe that everything occurs for a reason, which is why I immediately began shooting.

Before you fall in Love, there was a lot of nok-jhok at the beginning of the show. How did it actually feel?

Kanwar: Alice is a shy girl, whereas I enjoy making new friends. Because of how drastically different we were from one another, I never imagined that we could get along or even be good friends. Later, I started to appreciate her effervescent and cheerful side, and we grew close.

Alice: Talking with Kanwar is a lot of fun. I became more open to different ideas, philosophies, and perspectives as a result of our chats, and I had a high level of comfort. Kanwar quickly became my closest friend.

How did love happen?

Kanwar: It wasn’t an overnight procedure; it took time. On-screen, we had lovely chemistry that finally developed into genuine chemistry. Unaware of it, Shiva and Raavi, our characters, are identical to us. We used to make jokes about how playing Shiva-Raavi in real life would be chaotic or challenging because they are so dissimilar, but we eventually warmed up to one another. Finally, I realized there was more to our relationship. When we managed to escape the second lockdown and reach our family in Bikaner, our relationship grew stronger.

Alice: I used to giggle all day long because of Kanwar. His rich, deep voice used to be my favorite. Raavi and Shiva had to remain looking into one other’s eyes during a lot of the show’s sequences. It used to be awkward with other actors, but with Kanwar, it felt natural. We could look at other in the eyes and sense that kinship. In addition, we were together for about 12 hours every day. I felt that he was feeling the same way after I started to like him. When he always made me feel unique, it made me fall in love with him even more.

Does it get awkward now because you are a couple?

Kanwar: Every scene is performed with ease and a great deal of comfort. Alice is without a doubt my best co-star to date since their chemistry is undeniable. During scenes, there is a give and take that is crucial. We are good friends and complement each other well as artists and as people. It never becomes awkward, no.

Alice: When I am working with him, I feel at ease. Being around my guy is great, especially when he is kind and interesting. I get to be with my boyfriend and my confidant for more than a half-day. No, nothing is awkward; in fact, because we are so familiar with one another, our moments are really honest.

Was it a romantic proposal, Alice? Tell us about it…

Alice: He proposed while we were filming at a massive palace in Gajner during a time when the city was under lockdown and we were cut off from the outside world. He was unable to make a showy or obviously romantic gesture, but he was aware of my affinity for flowers. During our lunch break, he presented me with a rose that he had purchased. He then asked me to be his girlfriend in a marriage proposal. I was overjoyed.

Kanwar: I’m the last person you should ask out or even propose to. Although I’ve always thought it was too corny, something made me ask Alice to be my girlfriend while we were shooting during the lockdown at Gajner Palace in Bikaner.

Do you intend to propose soon?

Kanwar: Along with the success and notoriety I have worked so hard to achieve over the years, Pandya Store has also given me Alice, who is a lovely addition to my life. In both our personal and professional lives, we are both content and joyful. Everything else in life will develop gradually as needed.

Alice: Although I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, this love is deeper than that. The best sort of love is when the joy of sharing your life with someone inspires, drives, and gives you courage. Sharing highs and lows with one another is crucial, as is finally laughing together. Right now, we are both happy in our relationship and career-focused.

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