Boat Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa built-in review, Price, features

Boat Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa built-in review, Price, features
Boat Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa built-in review, Price, features

Boat Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa built-in review, Price, features

Boat Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa built-in review, Price, features – The world of smartwatches has witnessed a rapid evolution in recent years, with new players entering the market, offering feature-packed wearables at affordable price points. One such contender in the budget-friendly smartwatch segment is the boAt Xtend Sport, a newcomer from the reputable Indian audio and wearables brand, boAt.

In this in-depth review, we will explore the boAt Xtend Sport smartwatch, examining its specifications, features, and performance. With a price tag of ₹2,699, this smartwatch is designed to compete with other entry-level offerings, including those from well-known brands like Realme and Amazfit. So, does the boAt Xtend Sport live up to the expectations, or does it get overshadowed by its rivals? Let’s find out.

Model Name and Price

Model NameBoat Xtend Smartwatch
PriceClick Here
Boat Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa built-in review, Price, features

Boat Xtend Smartwatch Design and Build Quality

The boAt Xtend Sport impresses with its design and build quality. Crafted with a plastic case, the smartwatch feels surprisingly robust and well-constructed. Unlike many entry-level smartwatches, it doesn’t suffer from the issue of wobbly buttons. The tactile power button and overall fit and finish give it a premium touch, ensuring it doesn’t squeak even under some pressure.

However, there is one notable design element that may divide opinions. A red-colored strip runs around the smartwatch, adding a unique touch but some might find it slightly gaudy. In the reviewer’s opinion, the boAt Xtend Sport could have been more aesthetically pleasing without this strip.

Boat Xtend Smartwatch Display

The boAt Xtend Sport features a 1.69-inch rectangular LCD display. This design choice allows you to view more content compared to smartwatches with circular displays. When it comes to working out or managing notifications, this rectangular screen offers a better experience, displaying more information without the need for excessive scrolling.

Despite not disclosing the resolution, the display’s sharpness is commendable, with UI elements appearing crisp and clear. Boasting a brightness of 550 nits, the display remains easily legible even under direct sunlight. This is a notable improvement, as entry-level smartwatches often struggle with poor color reproduction. In this regard, the boAt Xtend Sport stands out with vibrant and accurate colors, defying its affordable price point.

Watch Faces and Raise-to-Wake

The boAt Xtend Sport comes with five pre-installed watch faces, which is the maximum number of watch faces it can store at a time. Additional watch faces can be downloaded from the companion app, boAt Crest, offering users a selection of about 126 watch faces. While watch face design is subjective, some may find that these faces don’t exude the same premium feel as those offered by competitors like Realme. Unfortunately, there’s no option for customizing watch faces, but with a broad range of choices, users can likely find one that suits their preferences.

One standout feature of the boAt Xtend Sport is its efficient raise-to-wake function. The display promptly activates when you raise your wrist to check the time, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. This feature is not a given in all smartwatches, and its reliability is praiseworthy.

Boat Xtend Smartwatch Performance

Although boAt has not disclosed the exact processor used in the Xtend Sport, the smartwatch’s performance is notably swift. It executes various actions without any discernible lag, and animations appear remarkably smooth. In comparison to the Realme TechLife Watch R100, the boAt Xtend Sport’s animations stand out for their fluidity, hinting at a powerful processor under the hood.

Software Experience

The boAt Xtend Sport operates on a proprietary operating system. Considering boAt’s limited experience in designing UI for its products, one might expect this smartwatch to offer fewer features than its competitors. However, this is far from the truth. The smartwatch’s software delivers all the essential features expected from a modern smartwatch.

The user interface features a notification bar that can be accessed by swiping left on the watch face. This notification bar efficiently displays messages (SMS), emails (from Gmail), and notifications from popular applications like Instagram and WhatsApp in a user-friendly layout. The smartwatch can also notify you of incoming calls on your paired smartphone.

Swiping down from the top of the screen reveals a control panel with essential quick settings toggles, including those for brightness and ringer controls. The app drawer contains applications dedicated to health and activity tracking, allowing users to control music playback on their smartphones.

For managing the smartwatch, users can turn to the companion app, boAt Crest. Despite mixed ratings on the app store, it impresses with a modern and elegant design. It functions smoothly without any noticeable bugs and even offers integration with Apple Health and Google Fit. Given its price point, the software experience on the boAt Xtend Sport is commendable, though there is room for improvement in watch face design and customization options.

Boat Xtend Smartwatch Battery Life

According to boAt, the Xtend Sport promises a remarkable battery life of seven days. In real-life usage, it nearly lives up to this claim, offering around six days on a full charge. This endurance aligns well with expectations for smartwatches in this price range.

A particularly enticing feature is the fast charging capability, which boAt claims takes just 30 minutes to fully charge the device. In a surprising turn of events, the smartwatch delivered on this promise, charging from 0% to 100% in precisely 31 minutes. This swift charging time adds to the convenience of using the smartwatch, although it’s worth noting that fast charging may impact the battery’s long-term health.

Boat Xtend Smartwatch Fitness Tracking

The boAt Xtend Sport equips itself with a heart-rate sensor and a SpO2 sensor, ensuring it can proficiently track vital health metrics. However, it lacks GPS, which is understandable given its price point. A concern arose about the accuracy of outdoor workout tracking without GPS.

To put this concern to the test, the reviewer wore the boAt Xtend Sport alongside a personal Apple Watch Series 7 during an outdoor walk. The results were surprisingly impressive, as the boAt Xtend Sport’s statistics aligned closely with those from the considerably more expensive Apple Watch Series 7. This included walking distance, pace, and heart rate measurements, as confirmed by a screenshot.

In summary, the boAt Xtend Sport proves itself capable of tracking day-to-day fitness activities with impressive accuracy, even without the assistance of GPS.

Specifications of the boAt Xtend Sport Smartwatch

  • Brand: boAt
  • Model Name: Watch Xtend
  • Design and Body
  • Weight: 54 g
  • Shape: Square
  • Display
  • Type: Color LCD
  • Touch: Yes
  • Size: 1.69 inches
  • PPI: 261 ppi
  • Connectivity
  • Bluetooth: Yes, 5.0
  • GPS: No
  • Extra
  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • Extra Features: Built-in Amazon Alexa, Stress Monitoring, Guided Meditative Breathing, Automatic Motion Recognition, Menstrual Cycle Tracker
  • Camera: No
  • Technical
  • Compatible OS: Android & iOS
  • Multimedia
  • Music: Music Control
  • Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Backup: 5 days
  • Features
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Water Resistant Depth: 1.5 m
  • Dust Proof: Yes
  • Scratch Resistant: No
  • Meters and Sensors: Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count, Sleep Monitor
  • Extra Features: Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Timer, Reminder
  • Warranty
  • Warranty: 1 year, Brand Warranty

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The boAt Xtend Sport emerges as a budget-friendly marvel in the world of smartwatches. It combines an excellent display, fast performance, reliable software with essential features, accurate fitness tracking (despite the lack of GPS), long battery life, and rapid charging. The smartwatch’s durable build quality and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice for those in search of an affordable wearable.

As for whether it’s the absolute best option in its price segment, further comparisons with competitors like the Realme TechLife Watch S100 are necessary to provide a definitive answer. At the time of this review, the Realme TechLife Watch S100 had not been tested, but the boAt Xtend Sport certainly holds its own.

How accurate is the fitness tracking capability of the boAt Xtend Sport?

The smartwatch tracks fitness activities using a heart-rate sensor and a SpO2 sensor. While it lacks GPS, the outdoor workout tracking is surprisingly accurate. Test results showed close alignment with significantly more expensive devices, indicating reliable day-to-day fitness tracking.

What about the performance and software experience of the boAt Xtend Sport?

Although the exact processor isn’t disclosed, the smartwatch offers fast and smooth performance. The software is intuitive, with a notification bar, essential control panel, app drawer for health and activity tracking, and music control. The boAt Crest companion app complements the software experience with its elegant design.

What is the display like on the boAt Xtend Sport?

The smartwatch features a 1.69-inch LCD display that offers a bright and vibrant viewing experience. Its rectangular design allows users to view more content compared to circular-display smartwatches. The display is sharp and clear, with vibrant colors and a brightness of 550 nits, making it easily readable even in direct sunlight.

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