How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go for free

How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go for free
How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go for free

How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go for free

How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go for free – You can easily access the 2023 Pokemon GO Fest. Three live events will take place in-person in August of this year. On August 4, 5, and 6, 2023, you can participate in the live GO Fest activities if you’re in London (England), Osaka (Japan), or New York City (USA). You’ll have to wait until August 26, 2023, to participate in the Global GO Fest.

How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go for free
How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go for free

Mega and Diancie Diancie are entering Pokemon GO through the local and international GO Fest. This is the first time a creature, in both its mega form and regular form, has appeared in the game. The following is the in-game summary:

“A double Diancie debut?! That’s right! Diancie’s Mega Evolution—Mega Diancie—will make its worldwide Pokémon GO debut during Pokémon GO Fest 2023: Global, right alongside Diancie! Adventure through the ticket holder–exclusive Saturday Special Research story and learn more about the hidden power of this dazzling debut, plus collect Diancie Mega Energy by completing Carbink raids!”

What is Pokemon Go?

In partnership with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, Niantic created and released Pokémon Go, a location-based augmented reality (AR) mobile game, for iOS and Android devices. Global distribution of the game began in July 2016.

In Pokémon Go, users use their cellphones to find, capture, fight, and train virtual animals known as Pokémon that mimic real-world wildlife. The game employs GPS to track player locations and superimpose real-world maps with virtual Pokemon, PokéStops, and Gyms on them.

By flinging Poké Balls at Pokémon, players can capture them. Once a Pokémon has been caught, it can be used to fight other Pokémon by being kept in the player’s Pokédex. In order to strengthen their Pokémon, players can train them.

Players can visit PokéStops in the real world to gather goods like Poké Balls and potions. Pokémon battles between players’ Pokémon take place in gyms for control of the space.

When it first came out, Pokémon Go was a huge hit and ended up being the most downloaded mobile game of all time in 2016. The game is credited with helping augmented reality gaming gain popularity and with encouraging players to go outside and discover their local areas.

In many places, Pokémon Go has had a positive impact by uniting people and enticing them to discover their surroundings. Additionally, several towns have credited the game with boosting tourism.

Pokémon Go has, however, also come under fire for being addicting and for the detrimental effects it has had on some people’s lives. As an illustration, some players have complained about getting hurt while playing the game, and there have been incidents of players being robbed or beaten while playing.

Pokémon Go is an entertaining and interesting game that has improved the lives of many players. However, it’s crucial to play carefully and be aware of the risks involved with the game.

How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go Fest 2023?

You are fortunate if you have a ticket for either the in-person or the global GO fest since you will be among the first group of trainers to be able to obtain Mega Diancie.

Trainers all over the world have been bouncing off the walls since Niantic’s announcement, which completely rocked the community. Mega Diancie is not a boss in Mega Raids, in contrast to other creatures in this game. Instead, a Special Research questline will allow you to capture this monster.

You can conduct this Special Research during your park session during your in-person GO Fest activities. Additionally, you can acquire mega energy by completing Carbink raids and event-specific Field Research activities. You can evolve Diancie into its mega form using this mega energy.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that they are not at all connected in the Pokemon universe, you can obtain mega energy for Diancie through Carbink raids.

Will Mega Diancie do well in Pokemon GO?

Mega Diancie will have the same Rock and Fairy elemental typings as its regular version. It will have a maximum Combat Power (CP) of 4913 and base stats of 342 for attack, 235 for defense, and 137 for stamina. On paper, these stats appear to be quite good, but we are hopeful that they will support our performance on the battlefield.

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