Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together – What Should We Do?

Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together - What Should We Do?
Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together - What Should We Do?

Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together – What Should We Do?

Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together – What Should We Do? – Today we will talk about Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together – What Should We Do? So please read the article until the end to get complete information about them.

Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together - What Should We Do?
Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing Together – What Should We Do?

Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing

JLab earbuds have gained popularity over time because of their reasonable price and variety of functions.

The earbuds typically function as expected, but if not, the two-year warranty enables you to purchase a new pair. I recently bought the JBUDS AIR EXECUTIVE because of these reasons, and they haven’t given me any issues aside from the left earbud separating from the right one and refusing to rejoin. Restarting the earbuds quickly took care of it, though.

Things changed when, despite numerous restarts, the earbuds would not pair with any device. Eventually, after searching the internet for answers, I could couple them to my phone.

I soon discovered that numerous JLab earbud users were having the same issue. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to aid those who are having the same issue.

Jlab Earbuds Not Pairing – Troubleshooting Steps

Restart The Earbuds

The earbuds should be restarted as soon as you realize they aren’t pairing with a source device or with one another.

The system processes can be stopped and restarted, hopefully without any delays, by turning the earbuds on and off multiple times.

The majority of JLab True Wireless earbuds will turn off when you place them in the charging case and turn on when you remove them.

You can still manually turn off the buds if they do not shut off while they are in the case. Depending on the earbuds model, there are different procedures to follow.

As an alternative, the earphones will turn off after three minutes if you leave them on but aren’t linked to anything. Holding down the touchpad until you hear a voice prompt saying “hello” will turn them on.

You may also turn them off by pressing and holding the touchpad until an audio prompt saying “Goodbye” plays.

Before turning on Bluetooth on the source device you want to connect the earphones to, make sure they are in pairing mode after restarting them.

When one earbud’s LED flashes blue and white while the other illuminates solid white, they are in pairing mode. On some models, both buds may glow blue and white rather than just one.

Disable Bluetooth on Nearby Devices

The earphones may be attempting to connect to a different device if restarting them does not solve the problem.

When you turn on your JLab earphones, they will enter pairing mode. If the Bluetooth on the connected device is turned on and within range, they will re-establish their connection.

Make sure Bluetooth connectivity is turned off on all nearby devices to avoid a situation like this. Additionally, turn Bluetooth off and then back on in the source device you want to connect the earbuds to.

Restart the earphones after completing this to see if they successfully pair with the source device this time. If only one earbud connects to the source device, these instructions will still be helpful.

Restart The Earbuds

One option to troubleshoot the earbuds, especially when there are problems with pairing, is to perform a factory reset. The buds can reconnect to each other and a source device after being reset, which removes all connection data that was previously stored in them.

Make sure you have disconnected the earphones from any source device they were previously attached to before you reset them. To improve your chances of a successful pairing procedure, you might also think about forgetting any Bluetooth devices that were previously paired with the source device.

Also keep in mind that JLab earbuds come in a variety of types, many of which have various generations or versions. For instance, there are three versions of the JBUDS Air, and each one has a unique reset process.

You may obtain your earbud’s user manual on the helpful JLab website, where you can also find the resetting instructions under the Troubleshooting section.

Check the case’s bottom and make a note of the FCC ID to determine the version or generation of your earbuds.

Next, compare the FCC IDs by clicking the letter (i) that is written after the model name on the user manual page.

Reset the earphones, then connect them to a source device and see if it functions this time. Don’t give up; you might need to reset them a few times before they start pairing.

Check The Battery

You will have trouble pairing if the earbud’s battery is low or dead. Make sure the earbuds are fully charged before connecting them to a source device to get around the issue.

You can check the battery life of the charging case and the earphones using the LEDs on the case and the buds, respectively. Depending on the earphone’s model, the light will operate differently when indicating the battery percentage. To interpret the light’s behavior, consult the user handbook.

If the buds have any remaining juice, an auditory prompt will alert you when the battery is running low.

Before connecting the earbuds to the source device, wait for them to fully charge if you notice that the battery is low.

Try A Different Device

The source device, not the earphones, maybe the issue if the earbuds continue to have pairing troubles even after being reset.

Try pairing the earbuds with a different device after resetting them to rule this out.

Make sure that the only device with Bluetooth turned on is the one you wish to pair with the earbuds. Bluetooth should be turned off on all other devices.

Check for firmware updates on the problematic device if the earphones function while attached to a different device.

For information on Bluetooth troubleshooting techniques and the reasons why a specific device is not compatible with the JLab earphones, you may also check the manufacturer’s website.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the here-provided solutions work, get in touch with JLab’s customer care staff and ask for additional help.

Since they are most likely to suggest the precise remedies offered in this article, let them know what troubleshooting techniques you have already attempted.

Make a warranty claim, if the earbuds are still covered by warranty, if they run out of options, or if the remedies they offer don’t work, and they will give you a replacement.

Consider buying a new pair of earbuds if the warranty on your current ones has run out.

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