Pebble Rise Pro Smartwatch price, Charging Cable, App, Review, Strap Size, Time Setting

Pebble Rise Pro Smartwatch price, Charging Cable, App, Review, Strap Size, Time Setting
Pebble Rise Pro Smartwatch price, Charging Cable, App, Review, Strap Size, Time Setting

Pebble Rise Pro Smartwatch price, Charging Cable, App, Review, Strap Size, Time Setting

Pebble Rise Pro Smartwatch price, Charging Cable, App, Review, Strap Size, Time Setting – Are you looking for a smartwatch that combines style and practicality? Look no further! The Pebble Rise Smartwatch is here to impress you. With a 1.43-inch TFT display and a resolution of 240 x 286 pixels, this smartwatch offers a fantastic viewing experience. Let’s dive into the details of this impressive wearable.

Model Name and Price

Model NamePebble Rise Pro Smartwatch
PriceClick Here
Pebble Rise Pro Smartwatch price, Charging Cable, App, Review, Strap Size, Time Setting

Design and Display

The Pebble Rise boasts a sleek rectangular design with a flat surface. It’s not only stylish but also functional. The 1.43-inch display is vibrant and easy to read. The rectangular shape and flat surface make it comfortable to wear for various activities.

Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

If you’re into fitness, the Pebble Rise is the perfect companion. It’s equipped with features to help you reach your fitness goals. You can use this smartwatch to track your steps, the distance you’ve covered, and even the calories you’ve burned. It also includes a Heart Rate Monitor for tracking your heart health. With various activity trackers and a wide range of sports modes, you can use this smartwatch for any type of workout.

Music Control

One unique feature of the Pebble Rise is its music control capability. You can easily change the settings of the songs playing on your phone using the watch. This means you don’t have to fumble with your phone while on a run or at the gym. It’s a convenient feature for music lovers.

Sensors and Water Resistance

The Pebble Rise comes with an accelerometer sensor, which is useful for tracking your movement and activities. Additionally, this smartwatch is truly waterproof, so you can even wear it in the shower. It’s perfect for those who want a smartwatch that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

Specifications of the Pebble Rise Smartwatch

Model NameRise Pro PFB39
Display Size1.44 Inches
Dial ShapeSquare
Strap MaterialSilicone
SensorBluetooth Calling / Sedentary Alert, Hr & Bo Monitoring, Step Pedometer, Sleep Monitor
Water ResistantYes
Call FunctionYes
Battery Type10 Days
ColorBlack, Cool Grey
In the box1 Year Replacement Guarantee, Dock Charger, User Manual

Pros of the Pebble Rise Smartwatch

  • Customizable Pebble Faces: You have a wide variety of Pebble Faces to choose from, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your watch. Some of these faces are not only cool but also innovative. You can even create your own unique watch face.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The smartwatch is easy to use with an intuitive interface. It features a back button on the left and up, enter/menu, and down buttons on the right, making navigation a breeze.
  • Instant Notifications: When you receive a message, it instantly appears on your watch. This is incredibly useful when you can’t easily access your phone. You can even answer or reject calls directly from the watch.
  • Music Control: Music control is instantaneous as well. As soon as you hit pause, play, or skip to the next track, your phone responds accordingly. It’s worth noting that the Pebble itself doesn’t have built-in speakers or a microphone; it serves as a controller for your phone’s music.
  • Customizable Notifications: You can customize notifications on your smartphone. This means you can choose which notifications you want to receive on your watch. No more unnecessary distractions.
  • Waterproof: The Pebble Rise is truly waterproof. You can confidently wear it in the shower without any worries.
  • Alarm Function: Waking up to a vibrating watch on your wrist is much less jarring than loud iPhone alarms. It’s a more pleasant way to start your day.

Cons of the Pebble Rise Smartwatch

  • Battery Life: One of the major drawbacks of the Pebble Rise is its battery life. It needs to be recharged frequently, often overnight. Some users have reported getting only about 1.5 days of battery life, which can be inconvenient.
  • Charging System: The magnetic USB charger doesn’t always feel secure in place once attached to your Pebble. To check whether it’s fully charged, you need to enter the main menu, as it doesn’t display the charge level on your regular watch face.
  • Limited Functionality on Some Watch Faces: While there are many attractive user-contributed watch faces available, some of the most downloaded ones have limited functionality. For example, certain watch faces may display the number of unread emails, messages, and phone calls, but they might not provide real-time data.
  • Connectivity Issues: Some weather-based watch faces may frequently disconnect from your phone. You might receive an error message until you manually disconnect and reconnect the watch via Bluetooth.
  • Dim Display: The screen isn’t bright enough to be easily visible in dim conditions. You often need to shake your wrist to illuminate the display, which can be inconvenient.
  • Phone Call Handling: When you answer a phone call using the Pebble, it doesn’t automatically put the call in speaker mode. This can be a drawback if you want to go hands-free and need to manually switch to speaker mode on your phone.
  • Limited Call and Message Initiation: The Pebble Rise only allows you to receive messages and calls; you can’t initiate them. If you want to make a call or send a message, you’ll still need to use your phone.

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In conclusion, the Pebble Rise Smartwatch is a solid choice if you’re looking for a stylish and functional wearable, but be aware of its limitations. It’s like testing out an early prototype of technology that may improve in the future or be replaced by more advanced gadgets.

What is the price of the Rise Pro smartwatch in India?

You can purchase the Pebble RISE Pro Smartwatch, which comes with calling features, online for ₹1999 at ShopClues.

What is the battery life of the Pebble Rise Pro?

The Pebble Rise Pro smartwatch comes equipped with a Lithium Polymer Battery that lasts up to 7 days on a single charge. It includes various sensors for monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, step count, calorie burn, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns.

Are Pebble smartwatches waterproof?

Yes, some Pebble smartwatches, like the Pebble Leap Rugged Fitness Smartwatch, are waterproof with an IP68 rating. This particular model boasts a 1.3-inch HD display, inbuilt oximeter, heart rate monitoring, multiple sports modes, and provides a battery life of 10 days. It’s designed to withstand water exposure and can be worn even during activities like swimming without damage to the device.

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