Rani Soyamoyi Collector Wikipedia

Rani Soyamoyi Collector Wikipedia
Rani Soyamoyi Collector Wikipedia

Rani Soyamoyi Collector Wikipedia

Rani Soyamoyi Collector Wikipedia – (born between 1971 and 1976, age 45 to 50) is a well-known Indian public figure, social worker, and IAS officer. Many young women from underprivileged and uneducated backgrounds have been inspired by her. Rani has been in numerous motivational media pieces due to her transformation from garbage to IAS officer.

Although she has never participated in a personal interview, the Indian audience is aware of many details thanks to various media outlets. You may read about Rani Soyamoyi in full here, and towards the conclusion, you’ll understand who she really is.

Rani Soyamoyi Bio

According to rumors, Mrs. Rani was raised in Jharkhand, India, where she was born. She has also experienced poverty throughout her childhood and hasn’t had access to many of the things that children desire. She attended the local private school till she finished her education, at which point she entered college and began preparing for the IAS exam.

According to reports, IAS Rani is a real-life IAS officer named Shina Mol who serves as the inspiration for the book’s inspirational heroine. Just one of several characters in a novel by Hakeem Morayur is named Soyamoyi.

NameRani Soyamoyi
NicknameRani, Shina Moi
Age45-50 years old
Date Of BirthIn b/w 1971-1976
ProfessionIAS officer, Collector
Rani Soyamoyi Collector Wikipedia

Rani Soyamoyi Measurement

Height5′ 0″
Weight50 kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Rani Soyamoyi Educational Qualifications

Schoolhigh School
College or UniversityState University
Educational DegreeGraduated

Rani Soyamoyi Family

FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
Brother / SisterNot Known
ChildrenSon: Not Known
Daughter: Not Known

Rani Soyamoyi Marital Status

Marital StatusNot Known
Spouse NameNot Known
AffairsNot Known

Rani Soyamoyi Net Worth

Net Worth In Dollars$1 Million
SalaryNot Known

Rani Soyamoyi Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
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YoutubeClick Here

Rani Soyamoyi Career

Rani and her siblings worked in the mica mines as daily wage laborers under appalling conditions for most of their childhood. Then, between 2010 and 2020, she passed the IAS UPSC entrance exam and was appointed an IAS officer. She thereafter began working in the Malappuram district as a collector.

And in the narrative, it is just said that she worked in Malappuram and improved the lives of several destitute people. Rani has been portrayed as the person who links people to the needs of the underprivileged and helps them comprehend how poor children live in India.

Rani Soyamoyi News

Social media networks are buzzing with a post that purports to be an exchange between schoolchildren and Kerala’s Malappuram district collector Rani Soyamoi. According to the extract, the collector describes the struggles she faced as a child while working in a mica mine. She goes on to explain why she doesn’t use makeup. Let’s fact-check the viral discourse and the collector’s story using the information in this article.

A fictional story is passed off as real-life incidents of Malappuram collector

Claim: the real story of Rani Soyamoi, district collector for Malappuram.
Fact: The district collector from Malappuram is not the author of the purported account. It comes from the short tale collection "Three Women" by Malaysian author Hakeem Morayur. Even the collector's name, which was included in the viral article, was lifted from the book. Through a Facebook post, Hakeem Morayur himself clarified the situation. On the other side, Shainamol IAS, a former Malappuram collector, is depicted in the post's image. As a result, the allegation in the post is FALSE. 

Rani Soyamoi, the district collector for Malappuram, is a fictional character in a fictional narrative. It is taken from a collection of Malayali short stories authored by Hakeem Morayur.

The viral piece is taken from Hakeem Morayur’s fictional short story collection “Three Women,” he acknowledged in a Facebook post. The main character in his novel, Rani Soyamoi, also goes by that name, and the short tale from his collection titled “Shining Faces” is being disseminated as a true account of that identity. To support his assertion, he also published an illustration from the relevant chapter in his book.

On the other hand, Shainamol IAS, who formerly served as the Malappuram collector (see here and here), is depicted in the viral post’s image. From all of them, it is clear that a made-up tale is being spread in the district collector of Malappuram’s name.

In summary, a made-up scenario is presented as actual events that happened to the Malappuram collector.

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