Shobana Ravi News Reader Wikipedia, Doordarshan, Author, Age

Shobana Ravi News Reader Wikipedia, Doordarshan, Author, Age
Shobana Ravi News Reader Wikipedia, Doordarshan, Author, Age

Shobana Ravi News Reader Wikipedia, Doordarshan, Author, Age

Shobana Ravi News Reader Wikipedia, Doordarshan, Author, Age – CHENNAI: A video of Shobana Ravi reciting the moment Chandrayaan 3 landed on the moon with her beautiful Tamil accent is going viral.

Nostalgic memories! “Doordarshan” Shobana Ravi reading the message of Chandrayaan 3 moon landing

ISRO has achieved such a dramatic feat that India is proud of and the rest of the world is amazed. Yes! India has set foot on the South Pole of the Moon, the toughest no one has ever been to.

It also got the honor of being the first country to set foot on the South Pole of the Moon. Chandrayaan 3 was launched on July 14. Lander Vikram and rover Pragyan landed from Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft yesterday. The Pragyan rover landed on the moon and performed a round crawl.

India has become the first country to send a spacecraft to the South Pole of the Moon while no other country has ever set foot on it. During these 14 days, the 6-legged Pragyan will conduct research on the surface of the moon.

The lifetime of this Vikram lander and rover Pragyan is one lunar day. That is 14 days. 5 instruments were sent to the lander to carry out various tasks on the moon. The rover also carries an Alpha X-ray spectrometer. It will probe the moon for chemical substances.

It will also study the presence of soil and rocks on the moon at the landing site. An instrument named Ramba has been sent to the lander. It measures how many ions and electrons the moon has and what its density is. The southern part of the moon is the coldest part.

So a device to find out what the temperature is here is also sent. This research will be very useful as the sun shines at the South Pole now. It will give a good development in the Indian science sector. Every Indian is proud of this incident.

Many celebrities have congratulated the ISRO scientists. In this situation, the media and news channels are broadcasting the news about Chandrayaan 3. In that way, many people asked how the famous Shobana Ravi in ​​the 1970s read the news of Chandrayaan 3 landing on the moon.

After that, Shobana Ravi Chandrayaan 3 read the message as requested by the netizens. The video was shared by Sun newsreader Ratna Sivaraman on her social media. Ratna in her post about this in the month of India.

Many of her fans wonder what it would have been like if Shobana Ravi had told the world about this historic event through news.

His body language, his voice has a perfect pitch, there is no ups and downs anywhere. No attention grabbing tricks. Ratna has said that she has read the message from the bottom of her heart and will learn from this. Shobana Ravi is a long-time newsreader on Chennai Doordarshan. His Tamil pronunciation, style etc. have many fans. Even after many years Shobana Ravi brings the same feelings before her eyes. A lot of people are reading the news today with him as their role model.

News footage of Shobana Ravi reciting Chandrayaan 3 becomes popular

CHENNAI: Shobana Ravi read the news for Doordarshan for a very long period. His accent and fashion appealed to many people.

In this instance, the news of Chandrayaan 3’s lunar landing was made public via video after giving in to well-wishers’ requests. He read the message with the same voice and accent even after a number of years. Currently, this video is trending on social media.

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