Tejas MK1A Specification, First Flight, Latest News Production

Tejas MK1A Specification, First Flight, Latest News Production
Tejas MK1A Specification, First Flight, Latest News Production

Tejas MK1A Specification, First Flight, Latest News Production

Tejas MK1A Specification, First Flight, Latest News Production – The first prototype of the Tejas Mk1A, which is actually the intended mass-production version of the Tejas and the base for all others, has made its first flight in secrecy, according to Indian authorities.

Tejas MK1A Specification, First Flight, Latest News Production
Tejas MK1A Specification, First Flight, Latest News Production

According to the Indian Ministry of Defense, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited [HAL] carried out the test flight close to their manufacturing plant.

The aircraft with serial production number SP-25 was first upgraded by HAL to Tejas Mk1A level, which was at Mk1A level. Over the course of the next 30 months, the SP-25 will go through certification tests while serving as a test platform for the complete Mk1A version production line.

NameTejas MK1A
Originated fromIndia
Developed byHindustan Aeronautics Limited
Developed forIndian Air Force
Deal83 (73 MK1A Single Seater and 10 Mk1 FOC trainers)
Delivery Datebetween 2024 to 2028
EngineGE-404 Engine

Following test results, Tejas Mk1A deliveries will start in March 2024. In 2029, all 83 aircraft that the Indian Air Force has ordered are expected to be delivered.

The most advanced Tejas Mk1 model, which achieved full operational capability [FOC] in 2020, is Tejas Mk1A. The Mk1A is outfitted with an external muting device, a self-defense system, a radar receiver warning, an Israeli Elta EL/M-2052 AESA radar, or an Indian Uttam AESA radar.

The Mk1A will weigh less than the Mk1 overall. The Astra 1 and Astra 2 Resight Air-Air Missiles [AAM] developed in India will be employed in the Mk1A, which is one of the most significant upgrades made in comparison to the Mk1. Derby Oversight Air-Air Missiles can currently only be fired by Mk1 FOCs.

Tejas’s potential for export

India makes significant efforts to export Tejas aircraft. Egypt is anticipated to be India’s biggest export client. Indian sources claim that India has proposed to Egypt the establishment of a factory in Egypt for the mass manufacture of Tejas Mk1A aircraft, as well as Dhruv and LCH helicopters.

The Egyptian government is expected to soon visit HAL’s facilities in accordance with this offer. At the Dubai Airshow in 2021, the Egyptian government made intentions to buy 70 Tejas Mk1A aircraft public.

In the Malaysian LIFT/LCA tender, the Tejas is also in opposition to the HURJET [Turkey], which was designed by TAI. Malaysia is only given “depot-level support” by India, which is providing Tejas Mk1A aircraft to Malaysia. However, Malaysia demands that at least 30% of Malaysian components be used in the production of the 18 light attack aircraft.

Tejas MK1A Price

The contract for 73 Tejas MK1A fighter aircraft and 10 Tejas Mark 1 Trainer aircraft was given to HAL on January 13, 2021. This major contract was valued a total of 48,000 crores of Indian rupees. These fighter jets cost around INR 45,696 crores, plus another INR 1,202 crores for design & development.

The highest defense contract for an indigenous producer is this INR 48,000 crore agreement. The Indian Air Force intends to buy an additional 100 Tejas MK1A fighter jets, it was recently reported. If approved by the Defense Ministry, HAL will begin producing 100 additional Tejas MK1A fighter jets, enhancing the Indian Air Force’s operational capabilities.

Tejas MK1A Radar

Uttam AESA Radar is included in Tejas MK1A combat jets. The quad-band modules in the liquid-cooled radar can be stacked to create a larger unit. These important radars have about 18 modes, each of which offers a particular functional capability.

A multitude of functional capabilities, including expanded detection range, Pulse Doppler, Simultaneous Operational Modes, Flexible interfaces, High mission reliability, High ECM immunity, and several other features, are offered by the brand-new, technologically sophisticated Uttam AESA Radar.

Tejas MK1A Range

The highest speed of the Tejas MK1A higher jets is 2220 km/h. The strong GE-404 engine’s cutting-edge afterburner produces a sizable amount of thrust. Tejas MK1A can also travel farther than its predecessors thanks to its lightweight.

The Tejas MK1A fighter jets have UEWS, EL/M-2052 AESA Radar, Astra BVRAAM and ASRAAM missiles, IFR capabilities, OBOGS System, and several additional capability augmentation characteristics.

To achieve an ideal weight distribution, Tejas MK1A is made to be lightweight. This improves not only the capacity but also the range and other features that come as standard. Tejas MK1A’s cockpit is also planned to give the operational staff extra room and features.

Tejas MK1A Hardpoints

Any aircraft or fighter jet’s ability to mount upgrades or gadgets is one of its hard points. Hard points might simply be referred to as mounting points. Many other types of equipment, including missiles, weaponry, support tools, drop tanks, targeting pods, and other things, can be mounted on these hardpoints.

Any fighter jet’s capability can be considerably increased by these hard points. The sources claim that the Tejas MK1A has eight hard points. In order to enhance the Tejas MK1A fighter jet’s utility and capabilities, this indicates that 8 items or gadgets can be installed on the aircraft. The Tejas MK1A fighter plane also has a variety of locations for these hard points. Additionally, it indicates that only a particular item or accessory is compatible with a particular position.

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