Tony Kakkar And Manisha Rani Relationship

Tony Kakkar And Manisha Rani Relationship
Tony Kakkar And Manisha Rani Relationship

Tony Kakkar And Manisha Rani Relationship

Tony Kakkar And Manisha Rani Relationship – Manisha Rani, who finished second in Bigg Boss OTT 2, and Tony Kakkar, a singer, were recently seen exiting a cafe together in Mumbai. Days after Tony said he would include Manisha in a song video, she makes an appearance. The musician had made the same declaration when he appeared on the reality series for a concert during the last week. The spouse of Neha Kakkar and Tony’s in-law, Rohanpreet Singh, had already playfully referred to Manisha as his “bhabhi” on social media. As a result, some fans have begun to speculate that the two are currently dating.

Manisha Rani Dating Tony Kakkar? Their Latest Outing Leaves Bigg Boss OTT 2 Fans Wondering

Manisha may be seen in the video sporting a black crop top and brown trousers. She added a delicate necklace and a black handbag to the ensemble for styling. Tony wore a casual all-white outfit with an over-shirt with an orange flower pattern on it. Before departing together, the two made a pit stop to pose for photographers.

Some Bigg Boss alumni fans now believe that the singer and the actress are dating. An individual commented, “Music video to bass bahana hai (music video is just an excuse)” Someone else said, “Yes #TonySha sailing!” A third reply said, “Ab kro ship #Tonisha.” One of the fans remarked, “#AbhIsha ka the end” in an apparent jab at those who paired Manisha with another participant Abhishek Malhan. Another person said, “Sad for #Abhiya and #Abhisha..”

Some fans, however, believed that Manisha and Tony may have simply connected to talk about the promised song video. Someone said, “Music Video Shoot May not be Dating.” Another individual responded, “No, it’s just MV discussion, I feel.”

One guy said, “It’s about the music album, don’t talk nonsense. It’s about the music album,” another said, “kuch bhi bakwas mat kro.” “Koi apna professional work bhi na kare kya,” said the speaker. Tab bhi yese bologe tum kya soch hai tum sabhki kal ko dusre artist ke sath kaam karegi. (Why do you disseminate misinformation? Should she not pursue a career? You’ll say the same things the next time she collaborates with a different musician. Why do you think this way?

Following her participation in Salman Khan’s program Bigg Boss OTT 2, Manish Rani has gained a lot of popularity among internet users. She beat well-known figures like Pooja Bhatt to place second in the competition. Elvish Yadav was the show’s victor.

Manisha Rani, Tony Kakkar Spotted Together On Date Night In Mumbai, Video Leaves Fans Amused

Manisha Rani, a famous YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant, and singer-rapper Tony Kakkar were spotted leaving a cafe together in Mumbai.

OTT 2 Bigg Boss fame Tony Kakkar, a rapper and performer, and Manisha Rani were seen leaving a cafe together in Mumbai. Only a few days have passed since Tony Kakkar visited Manisha in the BB house and promised her a music video. During the last week, the singer entered the Bigg Boss house and stated his desire to collaborate with Manisha. His sister, the well-known singer Neha Kakkar, and her husband, Rohanpreet Singh, had already playfully referred to Manisha as “bhabhi” on social media following his visit to the home.

Regarding Manisha and Toni’s outing together, the YouTuber wore a black crop top and beige bottoms. She added a pendant and a black handbag as accessories to her ensemble. Tony, on the other hand, was wearing a white T-shirt and an orange shirt with a design. Watch the following video:

Following the social media posting of the Manisha Rani and Tony Kakkar video, viewers started to wonder whether the two were dating. Others, though, wrote about whether their gathering is for a musical compilation.

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